Top Chart Hits: 12 Of The Best Music Hits Of 2016...So Far!

Posted: 2016-09-27T12:20:12Z Read: 8,969 times
Top Chart Hits: 12 Of The Best Music Hits Of 2016...So Far!


Generally 2016 has been generally a boring music year with exceptions of a few artists. The general overview of the music industry can be characterized as slow and slothful

Music Dejaays and Music critics will say instead of artistes exercising their creative abilities in dishing out a variety of sounds and richness in lyrics as the case should be, many artists still want to keep in their comfort zones thus the slowness of Ugandan music dominating international TV outlets.

Nonetheless, a few fine artists still managed to rise up to the promising occasion and have pulled through with banging, chart-topping, fan-loving, turn-up worthy and street-friendly hits. Of course, this is outside some of the misses recorded since the year period progressed.

And for that matter, we've compiled all the biggest chart songs of 2016 into one handy list for you to make it just that little bit easier to find all of this year's HUGE hits.

 12.  Agatako - Jose Chameleone & Dj Pius (Downloads: 118,605) Uploaded 5 months ago

  11. Kisasi Kimu - Sheebah Karungi (Downloads: 119,499) Uploaded 3 months ago

  10.  Tuli Majje - Ziza Bafana (Downloads : 127,826) Uploaded 6 months ago

  9. Dembe - Bobi Wine (Downloads: 128,904) Uploaded 9 months ago

  8.  Sala Puleesa - Mun G (Downloads : 132,854) Uploaded 7 months ago

  7.  Akalulu - Ziza Bafana (Downloads: 133,128) Uploaded 5 months ago

  6.  Sibyamukisa - Rema Namakula (Downloads : 146,884) Uploaded 7 months ago

  5.  Mwana Gwe - King Saha (Downloads: 153,547) Uploaded 6 months ago

  4. Wadda Wa - Sheebah And Chozen (Downloads: 154,583) Uploaded 6 months ago

  3. Soraye - Eddy Kenzo(Downloads : 215,667) Uploaded 9 months ago

  2.  So Nice - David Lutalo (Downloads: 234,353) Uploaded 9 months ago

  1.  Sembera - Irene Ntale (Downloads: 292,387) Uploaded 8 months ago