Dust Off — Maro vs Azizi Azion, Who is better?

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Dust Off — Maro vs Azizi Azion, Who is better?

Two amazing voices that have blessed the R'n'B genre making it a more concentrated type of music easily consumable in Uganda. These are the guys that will make you forget about Robert Kelly, Usher Raymond, Trey Songs and many more European artistes that a bunch of you grew up listening to Azizi Azion began his career in the early 2000s with Jeckaki band which he deserted in 2009 after acquiring the hit single Nkumila Omukwano followed by a couple of hits like Yoono, Baliiwa, he formed Westend Music entertainment crew which signed Maro in 2010. Maro is a student of Azizi Azion and has released numerous hit jams like Genda e'wamwe, Sula bulungi, Tonelaga, Mubi Bubbi and many others.

Well today we shall unwrap the student and teacher.


This is a tactical bet to choose who has that goose bump voice for the ladies. You ought to admit that Azizi Azion is vocally stronger and has a very huge ability to play around with his vocals on different genres. He actually can go high pitch and hit those notes as well do low notes very well which is kind of a struggle for Magada Ronald aka Maro, he can’t sustain his voice for five seconds on high pitch he runs out of breathe quickly and kind of grumbles to maintain hut this doesn't mean he isn’t a darling it’s just that Azizi Azion is a better bet actually most people think the two sound similar.
    Azizi Azion scores 62% and Maro goes with 39%

Relationship Goals

Azizi Azion is a hitched to a one Debbie currently on Kyeyo in Dubai and the two have a kid together, the couple looks very amazing and the two are a young love combination. As usual Basoga can't do any better so Maro preferred being adopted by his white German girlfriend known as Iris and the two have lived together for more than five years but what worries society  is the fact no procreation has been evident, they rather prefer moving hand in hand with each as they keep swapping saliva before the public.

Maro has continued to chicken out on being a responsible man and prefers doing withdraw method, 22% since all he has to care about is buying a new comb to work on his hair while as Azizi Azion is a father and in a sustainable relationship, 78%

Ladies Wine

Of course women will always love male artistes with soothing voices that can take them to bed peacefully. Maro is a big darling and most Kampala girls find him pretty interesting because of his looks and the kind of music that he keeps dishing out. This music has been on an epidemic to chew all his video vixens and a regular at many campus hostels .Azizi Azion has for been blessed with a good voice but his looks are very worrying and needs a makeover of sorts the nigga is very short and despite the fact of his religion might be easily mistaken for a lover of pork.
       Azizi Azion scores 42% and Maro goes for 58%.


Who is an expert when it comes to crafting hits; Maro is good but still lacks a sense of direction for what he stands for in the music industry. He has written all his music and doesn't believe in song writers penning down a few lines as he take that more like singing someone else's feelings and currently we have not heard a hit from Maro since Mubi Bubbi time. Azizi Azion plays a guitar and I bet no one does it better than him, he is also blessed with a couple of hit songs to his name.

     Aziz Azion goes with 66% and Maro hooks 34%

The Queens language:

Azizi Azion highly avoids English interviews and as soon as he sees Tina Teisie approaching him the next exit will be of value. He is a typically illustration of a drop out that can’t easily express themselves in English and highly fights with his tongue to make a statement similarly Maro is not the best option but he is better than Azizi Azion. He also fights through to make statements but the English is better polished.

     Maro scores a 85% as Aziz Azion walks away with 15 %

The rides.

Maro cruises around in a Rav 4 old modal which he shares with the fiancée and word on street has it that the white woman sponsored. Similarly these are some of the reasons why the Mubi Bubi star broke up with his former management on allegations of failure to purchase him a personal car, he at times jumps on bikes to run to and from different shows. Azizi Azion drives around in a dark spacio new modal and has owned it for some time but the good thing he hardly shares it.

       Maro goes with 51% and Azizi Azion 49%.

Sense of fashion

Maro is the king of recycle in this country when it comes to wearing same clothes multiple times on various occasions. When Maro turns up to rock a concert he will look like he was just woken up from bed and dragged to perform minus a good make over its very unusual to find the Mubi Bubbi star fully dressed with matched outfits atlaest the show would be off track.
On the other hand Azizi Azion tries so hard to look like Wizkid and is the type you will find dressed in well good shaped designer clothes and shoes, he will highly dress for the event.

     Maro scores 20% and Azizi Azion goes with 80%

Pocket change

Big on stage, small in pockets. These are a true definition of broke stars that should be highly avoided when spotted. Maro Ronald is the type that is always asking for 'Kasa Budo' (one thousand five hundred) form his close pals either to grab a road side Rolex or to clear bills, on a regular routine he has been over heard having issues with Askari's when they demand for parking fee and his Rav 5 has been clamped by Multiplex multiple times.
Azizi Azion is slightly better though he tends to hide his brokeness and not like Maro who goes around exposing it, Azizi Azion doesn’t spend too much either and drinks soda each time spotted in night spots.

   Aziz Azion 55% and Maro 45%