Best Ugandan Female Vocalists of Today - Top Five List

Posted: 2016-08-04T11:16:19Z
Best Ugandan Female Vocalists of Today - Top Five List

Most music critics have always claimed that Uganda’s music industry is on the decline. They claim music today is about social media popularity than actual musical skills…. Reason why Don Zella, Zari Hassan, Judith Heard and a bunch of other socialites will just sing!!

Today, we have assembled below 5 totally badass musical sensations you’ll hear their vocals and you love their music.

Just to be clear, the reference point here is still “VOCALISTS”, and not just anybody who can open their mouth to make melodies from it. It takes more than just the singing art or form to be conferred with such a revered yet simple title. So with that understanding, please peruse this list and let us know what you thought about it.

5. Iryn Namubiru

Iryn Namubiru

Can Iryn Namubiru ever do wrong in our sight ears? I bet not. She is one songstress with a voice quite damn good as she looks. Even Museveni can attest to this as he was love-struck during the Tubonga Nawe song launch by the harmonious tones he heard her belting out from inside a convenience room while at Munyonyo early this year.

Listen to Birowoozo - Iryn Namubiru


4. Rema


Rema can very much be likened to the African Adele. Not because they sound alike or anything of such, but for the similarities they share in their music and how it propels emotion. Rema can sing to save a dying soul, I mean literally. Like when you are love broken!  And her vocals need no explanation. Just listen to this song;

Listen to Lean On Me - Rema Namakula


3. Juliana

Juliana K

Juliana Kanyomozi might not need an introduction to many, because the moment when she opens up her mouth to belt out riveting notes that’s when you know a true musician has started singing!!. With a vocal range that covers many octaves, JK has slayed many songs to spectacular relish. Her soul-stirring appeal has won her the hearts of many good music lovers, even Janet Museveni, Jenifer Musisi, and Rabecca Kadaga are said to be having Juliana K’s ringtones! Here is a good one from Juliana

Listen to Woman - Juliana Kanyomozi


2. Naava Grey

Naava Grey

If there was anything else Naava could have done better than singing, I bet it would still be singing. She’s like one of the coolest singer chics ever liveth! I must confess, right now, Naava’s voice is quite the rare type, her heart is deeply souled up in it and the sound is totally disarming. Here is one of the best songs from her many songs.

Listen to Soka Lami - Naava Grey


1. Lillian Mbabazi

Lillian Mbabazi

It is not so surprising that Lillian seats unopposed at the number one spot. I mean, this is what you get when you are otherwise referred to as ‘The True East African Soul’ and have been conferred (although unofficially) with the title of East Africa’s Vocal Powerhouse. Since her days with Blu*3 where she was the vocal sensation behind their music hits, Lillian has stayed consistent in her craft by churning out sweet singles Simple Girl, and New Day featuring  Atlas..

Listen to Simple Girl - Lilian Mbabazi