Singers Who Have Failed To Grow Musically Independent

Posted: 2016-07-22T17:20:12Z
Singers Who Have Failed To Grow Musically Independent

Uganda has drastically advanced musically compared to other African countries. Besides Nigeria, South Africa and may be Ghana, if all factors constant, Uganda could probably rank just below them.

Am sure some people will argue that Kenya is apparently doing well but yes, no doubt they are but still has a limited pool compared to Uganda.

There are many musicians in Uganda that have been able to cut across boarder unlike other countries that in my opinion I have ranked bellow Uganda. Talk of the likes of Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Radio and Weasel, Juliana, Eddy Kenzo, Maurice Kirya, Navio, Atlas, Bunjo, Pallaso, Ziza Bafana, Pater Miles, Lilian Mbabazi, Cindy and so many others.

There are very few musicians in Kenya that have made an impact in the region and then the entire world. A few of them can be pointed out, the likes of Wyre, Souti Soul, Red Son, Jagua, nameless, Wahu and a hand full of others.

However much as most of our musicians have made their names in the music industry and thrived, there is a number of other talented musicians beneath them that have contributed to their fame and forgotten about their own careers and here is a list:

Chizzo / Bebe Cool

Less is really known of this handsome man aka Richard Lubega who’s been in the music industry for quite some time but less or no songs can be tagged on his name. The former UK based nkubakyeyo has been for so long lingering under the wings of the Gagamel boss Bebe Cool and forgotten about his own career despite being one of the best vocalists in Uganda.

Chizzo is one of the voices that Bebe Cool uses as backups in his songs

Nubian Lee/ Bobi Wine

He’s a star, he’s a trumpet and he’s such a soothing sound in your ear when he starts singing out his heart but he has failed to be recognized as a solid musician when still moving in a flock with the Firebase crew.

Nubian Lee has almost featured in all Bobi wine’s songs either in the chorus of as a backup artiste. Where Bobi Wine cannot reach, Nubian Lee stretches and gets the Gold on his silver-plate and this has tremendously washed him away from his career of being a star at one point.

However great his voice may be, Nubian Lee can never outshine Babie’s pie.

Mensan/ Peter Miles

For years Mensan has tried to do music, he must have found hard time to make a day ends meet simply because he’s also failed to realize that the can as well be a complete independent musician without operating in the shows of Peter Miles.

The two started singing way back when they released some of their hit songs like but then as time went on, Mensan started backsliding off the ladder and later on securing only vixen slots in his partners collabo videos. This came be backed with a collabo in which Peter Miles features Jamaican musicians like Elephant man, Demarco and others. Where he’s now, only God knows.

Rama/ Chameleone

I’m sure most of you don’t know who this man is, well he’s one short man that ever moves with Jose Chameleone wherever he goes. Rama has been with Leone Island as a backup artiste of the CEO for time memorial and is such a great wasted talent that surely failed to grown wings of his own and therefore walks in the shadows of the bagman.

When Radio and Weasel, King Saha, Papa Cidy realized that they were likely to face the same and broke away from their boss, the hustle was real for the start but eventually, they developed their own wings and now they can fly anywhere they want.

The list is big