Radio & Weasel's "NTUNGA" Song Was Meant For REMA NAMAKULA

Posted: 2014-05-03T07:41:44Z

Rema Namakula might have for the first time in her music career made a very wrong decision or missed out on one of the biggest opportunities in 2014.

"NTUNGA" is one of the songs rocking airplays in Uganda at the moment, BUT the history of this song is very interesting.

Apparently, Radio had written "NTUNGA" for Rema Namakula, but she delayed to pick it up (that's what they tell us), so Weasel and Radio did it.

But why, why would Rema turn down or delay on such an offer: Is it because it was somewhat expensive? - Rema was supposed to pay 3 Million Uganda Shillings for the song. OR because the song was too dumb and never got the "SITAKI" singer's attention?

Download --> "NTUNGA" - Mozey Radio and Weasel TV here

We all know REMA for being too picky, so the later makes a lot of sense. This time though, she got it wrong.

Now facing the guilt of ignorance, while "NTUNGA" song has been attached to Weasel and Radio's tour to make the shows bigger, I believe Rema Namakula is regreting her decision.

Rema is a die hard singer and has a New song titled "MUCHUUZI", it is a great song but hasn't caught up yet. We hope it does big just like "SITAKI" did.

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