Song Review: Walala By Dream Galz (Leila Kayondo, Anitah, Renah Nalumansi)

Posted: 2016-05-03T11:08:41Z
Song Review:  Walala By Dream Galz (Leila Kayondo, Anitah, Renah Nalumansi)

The Intro gives you a feel  that someone is having a big load they want to get off their head “kankyogereko okitegere” as Renah makes the intro  feel with “walalala “ with the beat backing the melody in place that leads you in to the song naturally


The Vocal melody is different from the Dream galz the audience used to hear. Here we see that every girl realized there potential as they went solo and are now bringing their potential melodies together to make a different flavor of their brand (rich and thin tones). As well the three bring a melody that emphasizes the point of the song. It makes the listener feel the mood was a serious one. Tuneful but interesting


The lyrics are original as still each girl has lyrics in their known energy … the ragamuffin ANITAH in the rough lyrics (verse 1 and bridge), Leila Kayondo (verse 2) as she still plays around with the Luganda-English Lyrics, though Renah tried to get rough ragamuffin Lyrics in relation to her name “Nalumansi” ( at the end of the verse 2  tek)original.  The lover being warned about his ways after the girls changing the love channel gets the warning to his head “bamulangira bulungi”. .


As in consideration of the rhythm there is a solid beat and strong engaging rhythm that grabs and carries you along


THE SONG GIVES A COMPETENT C.V ON THE GROUP.... That is what they can do best since they all brought their factual abilities to work.