Beauty Meets Music — Here Is Esther Nabatanzi

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Beauty Meets Music — Here Is Esther Nabatanzi

Esther Nabatanzi is the latest multi talented song bird to prance the music streets. And we’re more than excited to receive new talent. Folks! Take away your boycott and welcome Esther. She sprung to fame after featuring in the Tusker project fame although her stint was cut short due to sudden illness. In today’s series of The Upcoming artist of the day, we tell it all about Esther.

Esther Nabatanzi (born 1997 OCT. 9) is a Ugandan singer- song writer, vocalist and performer. She has been singing since she was little. While reminiscing her childhood days, Esther says her parents used to laud her for her vocals. They knew she would end up a musician, although, they preferred to see a banker or a lawyer. At the age of 7, Esther was singing in a church choir and could perfectly pull off all the notes. In the run, she was appointed choir leader before later joining a band at Theater Labonita, to which she lent her vocals as a backup singer for two years. She later teamed with a friend to start their own music band. It is then that she started to rub shoulders with the realities in the music landscape. Many people got to notice her, but even then, she had not considered to dip bothher feet into the industry. She only sang for fun. Music is the blood that runs in her nerves. It is a passion.

For some time, Esther took a break from singing to concentrate on studies. After graduating from Makerere Business School (MUBS) with bachelors in business administration, she returned to her old love, music. She joined a church choir at Jubilee Church Makindye. Singing in the choir prepared her for a solo career. In 2015, Esther set out to record her first single; however, she didn’t like it. She hadn’t written it herself. As a result, Esther decided to write her own songs. She has since been on a trip to sky heights. Esther has recorded a couple of songs like, Gwenafunye, and is already compiling an Album which she hopes to release soon.

Esther is currently working on a music album which she says will be out soon this year. She is responsible for the song, Gwenafunye which is currently a bomb on local music channels.

Esther Nabatanzi's - “Gwenafunye” | MP3 Download

Personal Life

She was born to, Omutaka SsemakulaNduga and Ms. Joyce Ssemakula. Esther grew up in Makindye, Kizungu. She is between single and engaged. But is optimistic she will put the ring on it. She spends her leisure, writing songs and sometimes hanging out with friends. She listens to Maria Carey, Adelle, Naava Grey, Julian Kanyoomozi, among many.