2016 Music Poll: A Pass, Kenzo, Lutalo & Bobi Wine ... There Can Only Be One King!

Posted: 2016-01-21T07:24:31Z
2016 Music Poll: A Pass, Kenzo, Lutalo & Bobi Wine ... There Can Only Be One King!

Surprise — it’s January, and your wallet is probably empty ... because, well, you're probably broke! It's understandable because again, it January.

The good news? It’s time for the first poll of 2016 and we put together the best four artists that have been doing incredibly well since the year began.

A Pass, Eddy Kenzo, David Lutalo and Bobi Wine ... who deserves to be crowned KING?!

Why you should vote,

A Pass:

A Pass has released 2 new HIT songs in 2016 ... and unless you don't stream music, listen to the radio or you're anti-social media, you know how big 'Give Me A Kiss' and 'Don't You Want Me Baby' are.

David Lutalo:

Who is not talking about David Lutalo's “Manya” album launch that will be held on the weekend of 29th this month?
The singer has also released one HIT song, "SO NICE", this year and is reportedly set to release 2 more before the album launch ... but that's a rumor.

Bobi Wine:

The patriot. His song DEMBE is probably the biggest hit of 2016. As it stands, the song has been streamed over 60,956 times on Howwe Music and over 51,532 times on YouTube.

Eddy Kenzo:

Kenzo released his latest song 'SORAYE' in December 2015 but has become a global hit in 2016. With hundreds of clips from Kenzo's fans singing to the song, it's very clear why he deserves to be in this list.

So get to voting below, because you have free reign to help determine which artist has done better since the start of 2016.

If you don't have a twitter account, you can't vote ... but you can share your views in the comment below this post.