Meet MALIKA, The Brand New Female Rap Trio.

Posted: 2016-01-19T08:00:33Z
Meet MALIKA, The Brand New Female Rap Trio.

Driven by sheer talent and passion, three female rappers have decided to merge forces.

The three females are popular in local urban hip hop circles and could be destined for a surprising   development should they live their word.

The group is called " Malika" comprising of " Queens" , Agee Emiru , MUK student, Ginsu aka Nakabiito and Cleopatra Murungi aka " Sphynx".

Malika: Ginsu(L) Agee (M) Sphynx (R)

The trio have already released collabo " Pound for pound" also featured on The All-Female Cypher that brought together all top female rappers in the industry. Could  a new dawn be upon us? We await the developments.