A Pass’s Brand New Song ‘Give Me A Kiss’ — Download

Posted: 2016-01-12T15:16:44Z Read: 14,934 times
A Pass’s Brand New Song ‘Give Me A Kiss’ — Download

Missed the sweet reggae tunes from A Pass? We bring you good news as the singer released his latest song ‘Give Me A Kiss’. The song many say is a dedication to Flavia Tumusiime, his crush!

In the song he sings; “Could you give me a kiss, my love, my love love.”,

Something he has gone ahead to accompany in a cryptic message on social media;  

 “I believe you know its A PASS talking to you. So don’t have any doubts Baby. I love you from Am to Pm.  There is no limit to the amount of love our hearts can contain, so why not add you a little more? I know your hearts a mess and it makes no sense to be like. This song is not for everyone it’s yours baby.”

Waste no time, as you listen to the songs.

A Pass’ New Song: - “Give Me A Kiss” | MP3 Download