Fyonna Nsubuga Turns Dancehall Threat

Posted: 2016-01-11T06:46:26Z
Fyonna Nsubuga Turns Dancehall Threat

For many years the music industry has seen various female artists but never before like this talent of a soft singer turning into a competitive dancehall artist. Word on kampala streets is that the transformation of fyonna nsubuga into dancehall music has added flavour to the industry due to good sound with a competitive attitude.

The Tubiddemu collabo singer was first introduced on the music scene by gospel artist Judith Babirye in a soft mellow gospel hit" Yamanyi Mukama" . But following Tubiddemu  dancehall hit success with Ziza Bafana  has since seen this mult talented diva to capitalise on dancehall music that competes at top level.

Fyonna Nsubuga At A Video Shoot

Fyonna who is signed onto Fyima World label recently released Sunda hit that sent shockwaves in the music game and this year she's on schedule to release GwaSampo video also filmed her own label. 

When asked in an interview who her competitors are and what they should expect, she responded "the rate at which things are moving musically, I see myself competing with male artists. I am a good and bad gal, I'm badder than thunder." Fyonna Nsubuga the only female artist with a fierce female dorminated management  may this year be that female dancehall artist to run our town.