Why Most Kyambogo Finalists Are Either Pregnant or Born Again

Posted: 2014-03-21T01:08:55Z

As other students are busy aiming for First Class degrees, the situation at Kyambogo University is very different. The KYU students have adopted a trend that will see them leave University with a Marriage certificate or at least a co-habiting certificate.

Analysts have observed that at least 80% of final year students at KYU are either pregnant or have become Born Again.

Those who are pregnant have done so, in order to convince the men to take them on as wives and thus finish University complete in all forms. On the other hand, those who are now born again, have done so, in a bid to land faithful born again men who are willing to marry them.

“All the wild girls are now the ones organizing fellowships and singing in choirs,” says a KYU student. “I think they are desperate to get men to take them for marriage, they can’t imagine going back to their parents after University.”

Well, that’s Kyambogo University for you and its finalists.

This Post Originally Appeared on Bigeye