Five Most Influential Ugandan Female Singers of the Last Decade

In the past decade Uganda has been influenced in one way or another by these female singers.

Five Most Influential Ugandan Female Singers of the Last Decade
Story by Ekaleti Samuel \

The Millennium 2000 marked a new chapter in Uganda’s music industry. Thanks to Namasagali  college in Busoga for it blessed the entertainment industry with a lot of talent for the most part. If you needed your child to be a good entertainer Namasagali College was the ideal place. Today it’s not the case anymore since talent can be groomed from pretty much any platform now.

In the past decade Uganda has been influenced in one way or another by these female singers. The following list doesn’t mean other singers did not but the selection is based on fundamental change brought about by the artists in question.

1.Juliana kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi is among the first singers to risk singing in English at a time when Ugandans loved vernacular singers. She released singles like say it, seven days in early 2000’s produced by Steave Jean, who was at the time the best producer in the country. The Mama Mbiire hit with Bobi Wine was a success and because of it Juliana got love from the locals since they could relate to the song easily. Her music career was never the same, and then came the Tusker Project Fame contract. Juliana being one of the judges meant a lot to her and the fans. For all the seasons she’s been on project fame a lot of young talent has been inspired. Today one can name her as an idol to look up to musically with one heart beat and no one will doubt that. Her legacy still leaves though.

2.Judith Babirye

Judith Babirye took it from where Fiona Mukasa left off. Her music is like faith so powerful in that it moves mountains. Even thugs pay homage to her music on a Sunday. The born again churches in the country have her music sang in choirs and people just love it straight away, her music seems to be inspired by her experience as a Christian and  people love  something they can relate to. The Yesu Beera Nange hit was Judith’s breakout spot and her life changed for good. Today in Uganda if you have an introduction or wedding without her music, just know your ceremony will suck for the most part especially among the old folks, the young generation may circum to the situation but still will complain after a while. Well she’s one of the most successful gospel singers to date as well as a talent to look upto.

3.Blu 3

Local talent search show ‘Coca- cola Pop stars’ gave birth to Blu 3 which was made up of Cindy Sanyu, Jackie Chandiru and Lilian Mbabazi. The 3 girl group was often compared to Destiny’s child. Their singing career took a positive direction with the ‘Hitaji’ hit that worn them quite many awards locally and internationally. Like most girl groups they split up to pursue sole careers and have remained friends. The success of their solo careers is something fans and upcoming girl groups admire and learn from. They set an example by being supportive to each other, putting differences aside even after splitting. That’s positive energy right there people!

4.Desire Luzinda

Before the Ekitone era Desire Luzinda’s music was good and entertaining we can’t deny her that. However her music career lost its way somewhere in 2010, a lot of hot, aggressive and fame hungry female singers crashed her party. The singer got lost in multiple and controversial relationships and there was the leaking of her nudies. Leaked nudies took her to BBC, before everyone knew she was the talk of town and the most booked artist of year 2014. The leaking of her nudies is reportedly believed to have inspired all the leaked nudies that made rounds on social media. Somehow all the leaked nudies of other celebs that followed suit certainly got the attention and they instead lost their jobs not the potential to be hired. With that being said Desire showed us the way to resurrect a dying career and mark you, do it at your own risk.


Obsessions was originally a broad performing arts group headed by Ronnie Mulindwa, the group had almost everything (self contained) from singers, dancers, writers, actors to directors. They made it to the spot light with a hit song ‘dance with me’ and a play titled ‘Before Adam and Eve.’ Reality hit the group and they split to pursue other careers and what remained of it is the girl group known for songs like ‘Wekume’ and others. All the same history repeated itself the girls parted ways too and there was Sharon O’ and Sheebah Karungi as the only flag bearer. Sheebah to date remains the most successful member of the Old Obsessions group. There's however, the new obsession.

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