5 Reasons Your Partner Won't Post About You On Facebook

Posted: 2017-06-19T09:19:16Z
5 Reasons Your Partner Won't Post About You On Facebook

 It's believed that an average phone user spends about 4 years of their life time on a social media, people literally share their school, travel, work, family and of course relationships status.

 Should we call it a necessary evil and of course there are some major reasons why a man or woman will or not share their relationship goals on social media, for the good or bad depending on the prospect;

 He is not willing to introduce you to the world:

Social media is for the loud and most times family members are the first to hit like when you share something new .In this case until someone is sure about you don't expect the world to know about you.

 Prefers to keep the live life away from the public 

Isn't it just too perfect to love your partner in private and keep it out of the lime light as long as it's not kept a secret instead .Most times a new relationship shared on social media awaits on the break up date.

 You’re not the only Bea 

There are high chances that he has more than one person.  May be he or she hasn’t decided on who to pick for a partner. Sharing images of you could make his/ relationship games run to the gamble.

 Prefers to keep a question mark

Some people prefer to live mysteriously unspoken life on social media so they can hook any opportunity available.

 Hiding you 

There is a chance that he/she is doing the ex and would prefer to hang and not sure he moved on .Probably there are chances of re doing the sex games.