5 Most Annoying Things That Happen In WhatsApp Groups

Posted: 2017-05-08T07:51:37Z
5 Most Annoying Things That Happen In WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp chat is cool for sending and receiving instant messages on your mobile phone, communicating with your friends and sharing photos and videos, it can also be frustrating.

If you chat on WhatsApp frequently, there are some instances that would frustrate you or put you off. These instances have nothing to do with the app itself but the person you are chatting with.

Have you ever been added to a group BUT you can't exit because the admin is a close friend? The groups are normally to communicate for a great cause; that's to stay an introduction, wedding; Old boys and girls community and lately, they are very popular for music promotions.

Some of these WhatsApp groups include; Team Juliana, Team Rema, Team Bebe cool among many others.

Today, I share a list of the most irritating things that are done in the WhatsApp groups.

Dormant Members

Every WhatsApp group has a member who prefers to keep quiet in the group. That person never reacts to anything and is always in "Kamoli"(Luganda word meaning ventilators, but literally meaning keeping quiet). Sometimes you wonder why they are in the group and what their motive is.  Even when they post a funny video, that person doesn’t react at all.

 Multiple sharing of same content

This is common with explicit content. The horny boys in the group normally share the same Video or pictures countless times. I once left a group because they could not stop sharing the pictures of Desire Luzinda's Kitone. My Gallery was getting full in minutes and it was making my phone slow.


When the group admin leaves the members to pick on each other, the group normally gets out of control.
When small issues turn into mountains, they result into fights within the group. Members disrespect each other and sometimes they make everything personal.

Very active members

Have you ever been added to a chat room where you have to receive like 200 messages in two minutes? The moment you turn on your phone, it freezes for some minutes due to a chain of messages from group members.

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