Parenting Guide: How To Deal With Kids In Today's Society

Posted: 2017-01-06T06:29:42Z
Parenting Guide: How To Deal With Kids In Today's Society

The birth of children comes with a lot of joy but the hustle to raise them in this  'noisy' environment is yet another big struggle. Back in the village, my mother used to tell me that children are just a photocopy of their parent's physique but the soul and mind are independent, which I agree to. 

You will find a son of a wealthy and successful man being lost and married to drugs. But the bible also says spare the rod and spoil the child, well I will share a few aspects on how to guide and raise your child. 
If your child is secretive, the reason is you blow everything very big. 
If the child behaves rude, it's attracted from parents or the people around them. 
If your child is jealousy it's because you compared them to others consistently. 
If your child gets angry very fast its because you have not praised him/her enough. Only gets attention when misbehaves. 
If your child has low self-esteem it's because you advised them more than you encourage them. 
If you bought toys and gifts for the child and they still didn't appreciate and found pleasure elsewhere it's because you didn't let them choose. 
If your child doesn't care about others feelings, might be as a result you always order them. Not giving importance to feelings. 
If your child is a coward it's because you help them out quickly. Don't remove every obstacle in their path. 
If your child doesn't stand up in public, it's because you have regularly punished them in public. 
If your child is lying its because you overreacted to a mistake in the past, its can also be as a result that you made a promise and never full filled it. Children will adopt it as a way of life. 
If your child intentionally disturbs you its because you are not physically affectionate enough.