Who is A Wife, Side Chic, Hoe, & B!tch?

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Who is A Wife, Side Chic, Hoe, & B!tch?


Is irreplaceable. There is no one above her for she has earned the title "wifey". She’s the one who gets most or all of her man’s time, effort and energy, and money too. She is his day one. Wife is the one he will fight for and he has no intentions of leaving her. She knows his family and friends and is invited to family functions and outings. She may even have the keys to his home, or she may even share living quarters with him. Wife is in his future and he tries his best to make sure she knows that. This is the title that the following three categories wish they could obtain but never could. he is with wifey on holidays and anniversaries and he makes sure she is well taken care of. He communicates with her all of the time. He makes himself available.  he loves this girl. Wifey is smart and attractive and has many good qualities, but yet he still yearns and desires for more. He likes to have his cake and eat it too. He deeply cares about his wifey because she is different in every single way. 


If you can avoid being one of these, by all means...try. A side chick is someone a man will call when his main girl is away, being difficult, or simply he is bored. She is the one who comes running when he calls because he makes her believe that his focus is on her and only her. He will call her and text her...occasionally, but when she tries to reciprocate the calls and text he is unavailable. She may wonder why he never offers to take her out, and if he does it's to his house or somewhere secluded and late at night. He enjoys sex with her whenever it happens, but he goes right back to wifey when it's all over. he may get her a few things here and there to keep her fooled that he actually cares. The side chick may or may not know about wifey, but if she knows, she's going to try to make herself more appealing to the guy, hoping he'll leave his girl. Side chicks only get hurt. 


Hoes will be hoes. A hoe will try to sleep with your man knowing that he's yours. And guess what? Home girl won’t even care. Hoes get played like string instruments, but yet they still exist. a hoe is loose and no one takes her serious. She’s the one screaming yolo at the club drunk before she goes home with some random ass guy. She may be a nice person, but careful...


She's just a number in his phone for backup just in case one of the lucky ladies above gets smart enough to call it quits. She is replaceable. Most of the time her name isn't even saved in his phone. She’s just there to prove that he still got it and can get females to fall for his charm. They may communicate for a short while until one or the other forgets that they even existed.