Leila Kayondo Bares All in Sexy Bikini ... in Ramadan — Sexy Photos!

Posted: 2015-06-22T18:21:50Z

Here's the phone call you'd probably get is you were Leila Kayondo's friend.

"Hey, it's Hot leggy with Major boobs calling. I'm having a bikini party with my bff chesty girlfriend Hellen Lukoma. We're going to eat lots of chips and messy ribs dripping with BBQ sauce and giggle and touch each other playfully. It's Ramadan, I sh'd be fasting but I have no idea how I got into this hot sexy bikini squeezing my boobies. And, my ass is all over the place. It's so much fun ... but guess what, my last phone call was from my doctor's office scheduling a prostate exam. So, sort of the same, but also the exact opposite. Except for the messy sauce. After am done here, I will meet SK Mbuga and excite him sexually and blow his brains out. I'll probably meet the doctor tomorrow. I'll give you all the details then."

Call ended! Still trying to figure out what the heck she was talking about, but judging from the photos she just WhatsApp'ed you, you know she's having a good time.


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