Jesy Nelson Knickers Flashes Performing with Little Mix in Birmingham

Posted: 2014-11-18T02:12:39Z

Little Mix is apparently all the rage. I think Simon Cowell invented them a couple or three years ago specifically to be popular and famous which sounds horribly cynical but pretty much describes the origin of all pop music.

One of the members of Little Mix, Jesy Nelson, got a little jiggy with her moves during a show in Birmingham England over the weekend and flashed her black knickers. Probably something that would've earned her a scolding from Her Majesty and perhaps a mild beheading at the Tower fifty years ago. In the day of Miley and Rihanna, it hardly moves the ticker, but I shall personally never look a gift upskirt in the mouth. Though that makes little sense. Well played, Jesy. Enjoy.