Leila Kayondo's WORK Sexcites Ugandans

Posted: 2018-06-25T10:38:01Z
Leila Kayondo's WORK Sexcites Ugandans

The troubled and faded musician has now resorted to showing off her body parts to attract attention.

Leila Kayondo paraded her tantalizing camel toe on the internet, leaving most of her male fans speaking in tongues like Pastor Kakande's followers.

Howwe has learnt that a good number of men have registered groin fractures and optical torture after looking the sexy dripping photos.

One sexcited fan commented that the singer had saved him from buying supper, claiming that was enough nutrition for the evening.

A close source informed Howwe that Leila has tightened security at her Bunga apartment because horny men are lining up to hand in their offers!