PICS: Sheila Nalongo Zella Parades Aging Booty

Posted: 2018-06-20T11:29:53Z
PICS: Sheila Nalongo Zella Parades Aging Booty

Sheila Nalongo Zella has always been a victim of public ridicule for her less sexy body which is aging and dry-looking.

And following her intense beef with trans-border socialite Zari Hassan last year, she has refused to leave the social scene and she seems determined to do whatever it takes to stay.

A few days back, the aging mother blessed some people’s sight when she unleashed racy photo of her aging backside.

In the photo, less is left for imagination since even her butt crack is seen from the tight lingerie she was donning.

Meanwhile, social media KOJJAs say Don Zella is succulent and wild in bed, something that was confirmed by her ex-lover singer Big Eye before they bitterly broke up.

We shall keep you posted