Photos — Crazy Girls Raid Zzina Fest, Do Crazy Things On Stage

Posted: 2016-12-12T06:44:29Z Read: 12,464 times
Photos — Crazy Girls Raid Zzina Fest, Do Crazy Things On Stage

Yesterday there was Zzina Fest organised by the funkiest radio station in Kampala, Galaxy FM 100.2 FM. And as usual, there was so much fun at this year's event which was held at Imperial Resort Beach Hotel! Beach sports, Beach parties majorly characterised by dance, and so much other fun were the order of the day.

Our snoops were on the ground to capture some of those scenes we normally expect from youth when they are in party mode and stress-free from their parents' orders. 

One of the activities that left everyone in utter shock and at the same time excited was the dancing competition that saw girls who believe in themselves battle it out on the stage doing all crazy things. Wow, you need to have been there.... Uganda Has Got Talent. Girls were shaking behind, you would mistake their ass-shaking behinds for banana leaves in the tropical storm.

Here is exactly what we are meaning.....enjoy.

Contestant on stage

Contestant rocking the stage

Another contestant doing splits

Dancing Back and Front

Crawling dancing style

Licking-dancing style