Zuena Denies People Chance to See Her Baby

Posted: 2015-12-26T17:35:10Z
Zuena Denies People Chance to See Her Baby

After her return to Uganda a few weeks ago, Zuena Kirema the wife to the self proclaimed singer Big size Bebe Cool, as you read this, is alleged to have set new rules and visiting hours of his US born baby Ozil Deen Ssali. 

This development comes after a mass of friends and family, fans and family well wishers storming the Ntinda based home where the baby with pleads of seeing the baby saying they missed the chance of throwing him a gaze the time he had just drop in the country. 

According to our Ntinda based source, Zuena is so stressed and tired of the unrest in the house as everyone wants to leave at having a piece of the baby. 

She has however been forced to set visiting hours we are yet to know since our mole was on Saturday at 10 am bounced from visiting the baby saying the ‘visiting hours are still ahead.’ 

However, when asked about the set visiting time, the only word out was ‘wait’, it’s to be confirmed that Zuena could be doing this so as her baby gets some rest, and to at least be protected from the body to body infections. Just a reasonable guess!