Mary Bata Parades Kids Amidst Pregnancy Rumors

Posted: 2015-12-23T09:08:37Z
Mary Bata Parades Kids Amidst Pregnancy Rumors

After word having it that the ‘Hug’ star Mary Bata could be baking a hot ban in her tummy, for a mystery city dude, she has hence forth come out to reveal her still cozy relationship with the father to her kids by parading her babies with the former hubby on social media saying she’s happy with her kids and set for a birthday bush.

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After raising it in South Africa lately, where she’s also believed to have scooped her mystery new dream dude, who is also alleged to have scored a penalty in womb, Bata has changed; and according to a source close to the singer, she is often seen spitting where ever she steps and when asked, all she says is ”never mind.”

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We smell a rat.