Mina Izah’s Performance At Gravity Omutujju’s Concert — Photos

Posted: 2015-10-10T14:09:18Z Read: 4,335 times

Sexy Afro Beat singer mina Izah renown for her fairly voyeuristic tunes like Lindazi, Mutego among others, was on fire while preforming on Gravity Omutujju’s Omwoto concert yesterday at freedom city.

Mina who recently released a new love song titled “Kankuwe” used  her unequaled sexy charm and drove her fans into a frenzy. (scroll Down to watch Kankuwe Video)

After the amazing performance the Kankuwe singer took to her facebook page and thanked her incredible fans, she wrote;

Last night supporting a brother ,Gravity Omutujju at freedom city Baibi. The audience reception was on point and a big thank you to the fans -- Mina Izah


Watch Kankuwe Video

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