Here's How DEENA HERR Became A Ugandan Pop Star, Overnight!

German Aid Worker Deena Herr gained stardom here in Uganda after her surprising and memorable hit song "Mumulete" ... she tells her amazing story.

Here's How DEENA HERR Became A Ugandan Pop Star, Overnight!
Story by Businge Brian Franco \

Who is Deena Herr? One of the greatest living Afro-pop stars!

Overnight, Deena gained popularity in Uganda after a startling release of her first Luganda song titled "Mumulete" ... a song that left Ugandan music lovers wondering how a German woman could be so good at singing Luganda and sound so amazing.

She then followed Mumulete with another astonishing Afro-Pop song titled "Gwe Anamponya". The song proved Deena's diversity in music. It's jaw-dropping and nothing like any Ugandan female artist has released yet. A pure afro-pop song with an unimpeachably first-rate sound.

But ... how did all this happen? How did someone so unique and unknown become such adored and praised in one day? Watch the video below for a full story;

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