I Was Nervous As Hell — Irene Ntale Reveals.

Posted: 2015-10-01T08:52:58Z

There is that queasy and uneasy sensation every human beings experience when they doing or experiencing things for the very first time… forexample your First kiss, first day at school among many other things…. Well, your favorite stars and artistes are no different from you.

Irene Ntale through her Facebook fan page has come out and revealed that she was scared out her wits on her very first public guitar performance,and on top that, the guitar she was using was not hers, she had borrowed it.

She wrote;

My very first Public guitar performance.... Was nervous as hell!!! I played steel string then!!! My very first guitar!! ‪#‎borrowed hehe ‪#‎tbt ‪#‎gyenvude -- Irene Ntale.