Singer Prof.Bigeye Sad Or Just Too Desperate For Fame?

Posted: 2015-09-19T15:54:45Z Read: 5,807 times

At first, Local singer Big Eye publicly showed how sympathetic he is with Eddy Kenzo's behavior since the fame and BET Award. According to the indicator singer, Kenzo has morphed into an arrogant fellow and nolonger down to earth like they had vowed to always be when they still shared clothes, bed sheets,bathing sponge, name it.

His words of advice received average coverage on different media platforms though Eddy Kenzo must have been too busy to respond despite allegations that he sent messages threatening to cut Bigeye's balls if he continued nosing in his business in the name of reminding an old friend of how he should conduct himself. 

If that was a move to save his fast fading career or win him something like a Uganda Entertainment award, sorry bigeye- it didn't work.

But it seems as though your not about to sit and watch your career sink into the grave, which is very inspiring- your such a hardworking young man.

Every other time you have allegations in the news, "someone wants to burn my old hummer, my Ex wants tried to poison me on my flight to juba " banange Bigeye, I always thought all those who crossed river Lwera along Masaka road, are blessed....what happened to you?

The others time your car got burnt, we felt sorry for you but again smiles were restored when we heard that your old sugar mummy Sheila gifted you with a 2nd hand hummer, it's better than nothing.

Now Prof Bigeye, how about these fresh claims you wrote on your social media mbu she wants to mix rat poison in your food, Really? or some one hacked your account.

Here's what we've read "Please pray for me my people...Am scared she wants me DEAD, she wants me stay alone, she wants me go down,she doesn't want me to work this is serious my people. Am scared_am
scared_please help me God."

We will keep you in our prayers.