Radio And Weasel Show Support To Pallaso at His Maiden Concert.

Posted: 2015-09-05T09:25:43Z

Apparently, Radio and Weasel have come out to support the Twatoba singer.

Today, 5th September, Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso will be holding his first ever concert —The  Twatoba Concert— at  Freedom City, in a unexpected twist of events he is receiving support from unusual customers, Radio and Weasel have come out and showed complete support to the Go Down Low singer.

The Dynamic Dual made their revelation on to their Facebook page, Here is what they had to say;

"If there is something we have learnt best in this music industry, appreciation and respect is one of them. In this segment, we bring you a brother, a friend whose versatility, persistence, hardworking ability have made him a house hold name! Pallaso #twatoba @ freedom city on 5th September. We have had a fare share of troubles and differences with our brother but all in all the music and desire to excel will definitely bring us together. So whoever feels like beefing/ has beef. ...cook it and enjoy it for lunch! Let's all go down to Freedom City tomorrow (today) and show him our support."--- Radio and Weasel.

This is good news for the Ugandan Music industry, At least someone is learning from their past mistakes.

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