“I am the reason why Singer Tonix fled Western Uganda”— Ray G

Posted: 2015-08-26T08:55:17Z

Local musician Muhairwe Regan aka Ray G has come to claim he is responsible for singer’s Tonix asylum in Kampala.

Well, for some time now, people have been asking themselves if western Uganda shall ever produce another hit maker other than Lady Mariam and Tonix. However, this young and talented guy Ray G seems to have joined the music industry with a whole different vision! And his aim is to battle the so called “Big stars” musically.

In a recent conversation with uprising singer, we asked him why some fans think he copies Tonix. The singer laughed off  at the question claiming he is the reason Tonix fled Western Uganda because of his good music.

Toniks is like my brother, I cannot copy him because am better than him. ‘My Runyankole lyrics and grammar is on another level compared to that of Toniks. However the good thing is that he has never complained which means that I don’t copy him. Have you ever wondered why he fled to Kampala? The answer is me. My music that good.
By the way it’s not that am fighting him or pulling ropes with him, but the truth is that in Ankole, he can’t be better than me.

Meanwhile, Ray G has recently won Western Uganda best artist of the year 2014 and Blink Media Award male Artist of the year 2014 and also got two nominations in Hipipo Music Awards 2014/2015.

Ray G is popular for his nice songs which include: Enshazi, Nokigambahoki, Ebindikwenda, Tibyembaka, Amarari among others

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