Sex What? Phina Mugerwa Threatens To Sue Kamunye Over Sex Tape

Posted: 2015-08-25T11:48:23Z Read: 50,526 times

The sex tape that leaked about 7 days ago had all fingers pointing at singer Phina Mugerwa ... and che's clearly not happy about the accusations, as she claims she's not the lady in the sex tape.

While being hosted at Mc Luzze Andrew Anderson's Morning Flavor Entertainment show on WBS, Phina expressed her rage towards the Luganda newspaper, Kamunye — which she claims published an article and used her name while referring to the woman in the video — and threatened she would sue if the paper does not issue a public apology.

In her own words, Phina said;

Am a descent respected woman. Kamunye am on your neck.
Am disturbed, I can't think right. I can't think of my music right now–and I have a show to plan for early next year.
They've pushed the wrong button.
I have a lot of people who look up to me. Am a teacher to my child. I don't know why a whole company is against me.
I will sue unless they publish a public apology on the cover and say how sorry they are.

Phina also claims a write from Kamunye called her before publishing the story;

They called me and said we have a sex tape of a woman that resembles you. I told them it not me and good enough they know she just resembles me, but it's not me. But they still went on and published the story.

There you have it. Phina Masanyalaze is back with a bang ... thanks to the sex tape.

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