APass Admits Life Is Hard For Him After Appearing With Embarrassing Shoes

Posted: 2015-08-24T09:33:09Z Read: 7,209 times

That's a Problem! APass suffers embarrassing wardrobe malfunction as his designs at Lillian’s Up close and Personal concert at Serena cause a heated debate on social media!

The singer recently got a public backlash after he emerged at Serena clad in shoes that many revelers thought weren’t Serena material! In fact, some fans took their concerns on social media saying, such types of shoes should be put on when you’re attending village burials!

However, APass has made it clear that his known for his music not sense of fashion so fans should stick to his MUSIC.

Below is his post.

“Life is hard but it’s easy for some, tell some people to stop misleading the young!!!!Because you have money see what you have become…… i thank God i didn’t do Music as a monetary thing, Love is all i bring

I will never come on social media to show how my life is better than yours, and when I am here, it’s because I have something important to say but if there is nothing then you wont see anything posted by Me, Meaning if I am not influencing it i am behind the scenes pulling musical strings for my Fans, most of you know me because of music ‪#‎Right! Not fashion!!! ‪#‎DontPlayBeforeYouDoYourHomeWork ‪#‎TeacherApass”

What do you think? Do artists have to be smart while performing or they simply do music!