Video Review: Kayisanyo By City Rock Entertainment.

Posted: 2015-08-05T10:25:57Z

A good Music video is like a beautiful woman, it triggers special feelings and captures the eye -that's the case with City rock's new Music video " Kayisanyo ".

Kayisanyo can be described with all the good lines in oxford dictionary, it's superb, ballistic and flawless. I have never danced or paid attention to a luganda folk song like this before, Kayisanyo is a mighty puller.

Directed by Asaph of Ark Menz records, the force behind many of city rock's Videos.The video portrays a traditional setting of a buganda give away (Kwanjula) Ceremony.

The girls danced their waists off in the video. Known for rocking rare dance strokes, the girls proved they are not just Singers but great dancers aswell.

Talking about the costumes, City rock did not disappoint ,they dressed perfectly for the mission.

City rock Entertainment has been consistent this year, releasing beautiful songs back to back. Just three weeks ago, the group dropped a video for the song Bipapajo which is already receiving massive airplay on local television stations.

Watch Kayisanyo here :

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