The Common Things in Irene Ntale’s Current Music Videos.

Posted: 2015-08-03T13:36:52Z

The Gyobera hit maker Irene Ntale has come of age with her career; she’s not the same young singer you once knew. Her music videos have improved greatly almost at the same pace with her ever expanding fan base that seems to grow in line with her aggressive irresistible relevance in music as an artist. The following features have made her videos lovable by even haters.

She’s more attractive

They say “beauty comes with age/age before beauty” either way she looks undeniably gorgeous in her new videos unlike before all thanks go to the makeup artists who must be executing their tasks the way they should. The makeup is on point, the hair and the choice of clothing beats the odds!

She’s no longer Camera Shy

Back in the day Ntale would act shy dancing while holding her dress -- looking down from the onset of the music video! The latest videos have Ntale with her head up – eyes on the camera maintaining eye contact with the audience. Swangz Avenue must be investing in her videos like never before! Video directors inclusive are equally doing a remarkable job to see her videos emerge lovable by fans!

Ntale means it

Before Irene could not pull of a sensual scene the way fans expect and it’s not the case anymore, she’s all grown up and bold enough to give it you the way she intends. As a result Ntale now graces our monitors with some thigh power for naughty fans that can’t get enough of her assets!

All fans can say is, this is it Irene Ntale…