Is Rapper The Mith Sleeping On Job?!

Posted: 2015-08-02T13:50:14Z

Rapper Tom Mayanja (not Jose Chameleone’s bro) alias The Mith hosts a Hip-hop program on Urban Tv dubbed “Smash” when he’s not in the studio cooking rhymes. Being a rapper makes you a good mcee by default.

On 1st Aug 2015 The Mith while on his show hosted Luga Flow rapper Santana of the 100 Acres Entertainment. The main thing Santana went there for was to premier a video. Like any normal show before your guest step in front of the camera you must brief the audience on what’s up next. Well as The Mith dropped his awareness speech for the audience he also said Santana was coming through to premier a new video on the show for the first, meaning it has not been premiered on any other show.

“It’s premiering here first-The Mith”

Watch The Abeyo Music Video Here

The  Abeyo video features Benezeri, Santana and Glen Flame

The audience thought maybe it’s a different video from the one they already know. I turned out the video is like two months old as it was already premiered on UBC Jam 101 in June. That time Benezeri was the one hosted by Calvin Da Entertainer and Ddane.

Stream and download Abeyo audio here

There’s no way that could have been a repeat or something! The audience paid attention to details to unlock these. None the less the host is doing a great job representing Hip-hop which happens to be the least selling genre in Uganda.