Bobi Wine, Eddy Kenzo & Ziza Bafana Are KIDS — Bebe Cool

Posted: 2015-08-01T13:41:27Z

Sorry, but your perfect weekend is about to get ruined by yet another round of Bebe Cool's drama of pathetic beef.

Bebe Cool won't accept that Bobi Wine is a much better person and singer ... and he's NOT ready to accept that Ziza Bafana and BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo are headed that way, or are there already!

In an interview with hello daily, Friday edition, singer Bebe revealed how he has no beef with the three named artistes because they are ‘small boys’

“I don’t have beef with those small boys. They think that by fighting Bebe they will gain fame. Actually we don’t have anything in common. I earn 5m per show unlike them who earn below”.

He further hinted on the fact that they have too different audiences which leaves him perplexed why people point out the beef factor.

“We also have different events and different audiences so I don’t understand why they talk about me beefing,” he said.

When asked about his view as to why they are holding concerts on the same date, Bebe revealed how he is not ready for those ‘little games’.

“I don’t have time for these little games, in fact am Bebe and he is Ziza, he has his own fans and I have my own. My concert will be at Serena unlike his because I don’t know about it, so am not moved,” he said.

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