The Unsung People Behind Eddy Kenzo's Success.

A compilation of The Unsung heros Behind Eddy Kenzo's Success

The Unsung People Behind Eddy Kenzo's Success.
Story by Uncle Dickson \

Ugandan Singer Edrisa Musuza commonly known under the stage name Eddy Kenzo is currently riding high with a monumental music success and a ton of praises piling on his name. Since the modest Success of his almighty Sitya Loss Song, Eddy Kenzo has shaken the World with hit after hit, recently he bagged the prestigious BET Award and has caused a whole lot of noise on the Entertainment Scenes.

So why has Eddy Kenzo risen so swiftly? Yes he has modest Songs and a great Voice- but clearly there is Something special that has set him apart from other Singers in the Continent.....What is that ?

The answer involves a myriad different factors but the best place to start is with the people behind his back. There is no such a thing like a self-made man, behind every successful person is a Smart team, Success is a team Sport. So here are the faces behind Eddy Kenzo's Success.


Eddy Kenzo's Song with Mikie Wine titled “Yanimba” will always be looked back as Kenzo's breakthrough. The Song sold highly and introduced him to the Spotlight, Kenzo would arguably not break the chains if Mikie wine who was popular at the time, had not accepted the Collaboration.


It would be unwise to undermine Ronnie Stamina's Contribution to Kenzo's rise to greatness, remember the Stamina Song, the sold highly because of Ronnie's dance moves, It was the first Eddy Kenzo Video to feature dancers and with the success of Stamina, Kenzo has Since featured a string of dancers in almost every Video he releases. Stamina rocked waves across East African nations and fueled Kenzo to push forward.


Like I stated earlier Success is a team Sport, Kenzo has had a great and stable Team of Managers namely Mutebi Ronald (quit), Prince Cox and Martin Beta, since he launched his Music career.  Young Management has played a tremendous job in building Eddy Kenzo into a star, they discuss who he work with and give freedom to choose which tracks to release. They also work hard in marketing the Singer's Music.


Just like Nubian Lee is to Bobi Wine, Kenzo has Tip Swizzy. He also rose to the spotlight after featuring in the famous “Bolingo” Song, Not different from Stamina, the Song sold because of Tip Swizzy's dance strokes. Tip Swizzy has always been Eddy Kenzo's right man hand, they have been together through thick and thin.


Kenzo has been winning many hearts since his breakthrough, he has garnered a loyal fan following and without the fans Kenzo would definitely be a nobody. His category in the BET required voting through Social media which fans respected and handed him a Landslide Victory to make him the first East African musician to win a BET Award.


Oh my ! These kids deserve a medal. They are great dancers and it is with no denying that they popularized Eddy Kenzo's Sitya Loss Video. The Song that has turned his world upside up, Won him a BET, among other recognitions.

Ghetto Kids dancing sitya Loss Video is one of the Ugandan most popular if not the Most watched videos on YouTube.


Going by the Saying that behind every Successful man, there is a strong intelligent Woman, it would be unwise not to mention the beautiful Rema Namakula, Maama Aamaal. Her romance with Kenzo has been pushed left and right but the bond seems to be growing each waking day. Eddy Kenzo's success is arguably a result of his relationship with Rema.

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