Stecia Mayanja’s Company License Revoked Over Human Trafficking.

Posted: 2015-06-24T12:50:38Z

Four travel companies have had their licenses revoked over human trafficking.

The companies include Migro Opportunity limited, Oasis External Employment Agency,Spema Uganda International limited owned by local musician Stecia Mayanja and Al-salaam logistics consultancy.

The decision was reached by officials from the Ministries of Labour and that of Internal Affairs.

The National Coordinator Anti Human Trafficking Task force, Moses Binoga says the companies were involved in dubious deals that involved trafficking people and later selling them for labor abroad.

Binoga says only travel 36 companies have been licensed to operate and cautions the public against being fleeced by the blacklisted companies.

He says they are also investigating more companies located at Zainabu Aziza Emporunim building where the blacklisted companies had their offices.

Source: KFM Radio