Balaam To Sue Singer Mowzey Radio For Shs 300M Compensation

Posted: 2015-05-22T07:08:08Z

According to Red Pepper Online  singer Moses Sekibogo famously known as Radio is hot soup after he wedged a war against promoter Balaam. However, little did he know that it would turn tragic for him and pay for this loose mouth.

Howwe.Biz has learnt that the events guru Balaam Barugahare is planning on a law suit against Radio for the slanderous statements he made during their concert at Hotel Africana.

We have been told that Balaam will file the law suit if Radio fails to apologize with 48hours that started yesterday, and he should do that on national media or else he will face charges and will be liable to PAY over Shs 300M compensation.

Apparently, Balaam felt so disrespected when Radio called him an idiot along with a famous legislator from the North over an unfulfilled agreement.

Besides, Balaam also seeks to drag the Goodlyfe crew to court for issuing a fake cheque that amounted to over Shs 20M.

This money was part of the 35M that the crew allegedly borrowed from him to complete their Neverland mansion.

This is a story that is developing and we are following it closely, we will update you.

H/t: Part of this story appeared first on Red Pepper Online.