Ugandan. Rapper Abramz Features On Cnn International's African Voices

Posted: 2015-05-11T13:31:53Z

Well, hiphop in Uganda is taking a new shape with most of our stars here being recognised by international media.

In the latest episode of African Voices on CNN International, our own Ugandan hiphop artist, Tekya 'Abramz' Abraham features on it. How amazing is that?

In this episode, It highlights how he uses hiphop (rap and breaking/breakdance) as a tool for social change and youth empowerment. The episode/documentary film is 30 minutes long. It also features Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) and Abramz' rap music partner Sylvester Kabombo.

The first airing date was Friday 8th May 2015. And there are still repeats everyday until wednesday 13th May 2015. All the airing times are in GMT. If you are in Uganda, you just have to add 3 hours to the GMT time.

We have been told, This episode will soon be available online on his personal website.

Well done.