Desire Luzinda Signed By An International Promoter

Posted: 2015-04-09T12:03:43Z

Sexy singer Desire Luzinda aka 'Ekitone,' is now a happy one after it has been confirmed to Howwe.BIZ that  Johnson Mujungu’s of Grajon  Talent, Management/Public relations  LTD has taken Desire Luzinda's Ekitone: where he acts as her new manager.

We have been told that Desire, who was in the UK under the umbrellas of the company for the just concluded Afrigo Band 40th anniversary, has been secretly engaged in several meetings with both Johnson and his wife Grace Ntolera to sign her up, which finally yeilded yesterday evening.

Grajon Talent Management, that manages city comedian Anne Kansiime, Patrick Idringi Salvador and singer Irene Namubiru is known to always have its way when it comes to signing on talent.