AK47 Death: Police to Question Jeff Kiwanuka

Posted: 2015-03-17T08:46:53Z

Jeff Kiwanuka popularly known as Jeff Kiwa, has been reported as the owner of the bar identified as DEJAVU, from which singer AK47 died yesterday Mar. 16 in the night.

New findings by Kabalagala police criminal investigations Dep't claim that AK47 was beaten before his death because after the body was examined, bruises were found on its chest and this reportedly triggered Police's attention to find out more on how he could have acquired the bruises.

We're told that since Jeff owns the bar, he's first on the list of people Police has summoned for further investigations.

According to reports from Chimp, the bar, of the former manager of the singing duo of Radio and Weasel, where AK47 met his death and has since been sealed off by Police as it carries out further investigation.


Police is reportedly hunting down singer Diamond Oscar and DJ Bobby as suspects in the death of AK47. The two have been reported as the last individuals to be seen with Ak47 before his death.

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