GNL Zamba Is Seriously Recruiting New Talent To The Forest

Posted: 2015-03-12T13:48:43Z

GNL Zamba alias “Ceazer” for a while now can’t stand being alone in the Forest predominantly of Baboons. Ever since Mun G left to form his own crew "Kunta Kinte”, Zamba has never been the same internally and Big Trill’s exit from the forest added salt to a fresh wound of loneliness.

Legendary Zamba has now opened doors for new talent and all you hyped talented rappers can go and audition for the spot at the Forest with your demo on a CD and make sure you’re as good as Mun*G and Big Trill in order to stand a higher chance of making it to the Baboon land of rappers.

 Big Trill, Mun G and GNL Zamba as still in touch though, as the African saying goes “don’t uproot a pumpkin from an old home stead”. Good luck with the auditions and may you make it to the promised land of Baboon Forest Entertainment.

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