Maro Speaks On Beef With David Lutalo

Posted: 2015-03-04T08:54:17Z

Recently, public has been speaking beef language that singer Maro has been unaware of until the Mubbi Bubbi singer forced himself to listen. Well, thanks to the many entertainment blogs in the country.

Gossip has been Ronald Maro and David Lutalo have been fighting over Mubbi Bubbi song to an extent that Maro decline an invitation by Lutalo to perform on his Akantu Concert.

However, in an interview with Chan08 YouTube Channel, Maro denied having any misunderstandings with David Lutalo saying that they are on good terms and have no beef going on.

There is no beefit’s just chicken. We are still together and we still friends’ he said

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The singer was also tasked to explain why he did not show up at David Lutalo’s Akantu concert yet he was advertised.

“I had already been paid to perform on another show in Mbale and Kamuli on the same night, so I could not make it back to Kampala in time but I had earlier informed Lutalo about it and was aware of my absence. However, I performed on his Akantu concert extra… I apologize for anyone who was affected” he said

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