City Rock Entertainment Hires King Saha As Song Writer

Posted: 2015-02-19T09:25:48Z

It’s believed that talent takes you places…and so does King Saha’s talent. The short dread haired man who is also a member of Team No Sleep is headed for the best this year.

The GUNDEEZE hit maker is on 1st May at Freedom City holding his highly anticipated concert. As good things always come to the people who sweat for them, the talented singer and also good song writer has been hired for undisclosed fee by fading city rock entertainment.

The “Mulilwana” singer has been hired as a song writer for the group, with huge  plans to bounce back this year…Saha already has a couple of tracks done with the group and if you do listen to radio or watch tv then you must have heard  “Teddy Tereza” and “Njawulo” play—all penned by himself. 

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