My Page Was Hacked: CINDY responds to the "Miss Uganda Is UGLY" Post

Posted: 2015-02-09T22:06:07Z Read: 7,498 times

The issue of whether or not "Leah Kalanguka" deserved to be crowned the miss Uganda 2014-2015 raised a lot of controversial statements and comments on the internet. However, the disgusting troll was starting to become a myth until yesterday when a contentious post appeared on what is believed to be dancehall/pop artist Cindy Sanyu's facebook page. The post reads:

Miss Uganda is ugly, Now I said it, And it's the truth

It should be noted that the post still appears on the account.

However, Cindy while making an appearance at Galaxy FM about 4 hours ago, said that her account was hacked about 3 months ago. She also added that her instagram and gmail accounts were also hacked by presumably the same individual.

That's not me. My page was hacked about 3 months ago. I got these messages, you know, denied access and everything. It had never happened to me so I thought there must be something small. I just change my password but then since then I've been locked out of my instagram, my facebook, my gmail ...

Cindy goes on to explain how she knew she had been hacked. Almost every social media account she owned was allegedly hijacked which might explain why she never made any public statements about the hack.

One thing we still are wondering : "Every facebook fan page has a parent facebook account which was used to create it. If her account was hacked, then she wouldn't have access to her facebook fan page either, right?! But the facebook fan page is always updated ... and that keeps us wondering how she manages to run a page if it's account was hijacked."

It should also be noted that this page Cindy alleges to have been hacked has not being posting contradicting statements until yesterday. If the hacker hijacked the page to ruin her name, why wait now? Why wait for over 3 months to start now?

This is however not the first time a Ugandan celebrity's faccebook account has been reportedly hacked. So we'll give her the benefit of doubt.

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