Faded Gagamel Singer Chizzo Arrested Over Debts.

Posted: 2015-01-26T14:40:31Z

The former UK-Based Ugandan struggling Nkuba Kyeyo singer Richard Lubega aka Chizzo is in problems.

News coming in is that Chizzo was arrested at the end of last week due to debts which accrued to almost shs15m. Yes, that’s how serious a member of Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Phamily was picked from his rented house in Ntinda by Money lenders under the company Otar Financial.

Otar went to Jinja road on 15th September, opened a case against Chizzo for failing to pay the money under file SD51/15/9/2014. But it was until today, Money lenders went out of mercy and called in Ntinda Police detective to arrest Chizzo.

Our sources reveal that he was made to make a statement and tasked to confirm when he will pay the money...All this happened as Chizzo Appeared at Jinja Road in accompaniment of his girlfriend and singer Bebecool.

However, Bebecool saw that he couldn’t handle the matters, he just ran away from the police station to let Chizzo suffer with his debts.

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