President M7 Selects Radio and Weasel’s Neera Song As Official Campaign Theme Song

Posted: 2015-01-08T07:34:06Z

Team Radio and Weasel have started flooding in more money as the NRM party has chosen Neera song as their theme song for the upcoming 2016 Presidential campaigns.

Many people thought Bebe Cool would snatch the deal, but information reaching us from the NRM Youth Organizing committee thought it wise to put the dynamic duo on the deal, which is allegedly said it will cost the NRM party a whopping sum.

According to other sources, the President personally wanted Bebe Cool to do the magic for him, however, the message in ‘Love you every day’ was not as rich as the one in ‘Neera’ song, the NRM youth insisted, according to the sources who were convincing and enlightening  the president on which song to be the theme.

Meanwhile, the president directed the NRM youth to also include Bebe cool on the board as they embark to gather all the support starting this year in June.

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