Radio And Weasel's UK 'Neera Extra' Concert Was A Mega Flop, 30 People Attended.

Posted: 2015-01-04T08:38:19Z

Team Radio and Weasel will keep this story to their hearts, but with Howwe Snoops everywhere, we can’t go minus saying the East African best duo got the surprise of their career as they performed in Manchester.

The duo were scheduled for two shows with one already done at Manchester while the other was held in London later on. However, the pair got a shock of their life when, they performed for 30 people. Wow! Radio and Weasel though didn’t fail to entertain the few guys that attended. The show was organized by Ron Biggzs and Mrz Biggz of Miss Uganda UK.

Fresh from winning an award for best Reggae/Ragga song at the just concluded AFRIMMA Awards, the dynamic duo thought everything was as easy as winning the awards til when they met Manchester Revellers!

Apparently information reaching us is, the place they had hired for the show was only to accommodate 100 people but the singers could not believe what had befallen them after they found out that the venue had only 30 people waiting for the singers who were also in the company of  Don Mc and Chagga.

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