I HATE My DAD Because He's Pallaso's Friend — Jose Chameleone Confesses

Posted: 2014-12-29T08:13:14Z Read: 13,436 times

You might have been wondering why none of Jose Chameleone's posts or statements is ever about his dad. He never talks about his father and never shares any family photos except for those of his own -- Daniella and the kids!

Well, we would be lying if we said we did ... but thanks to Bebe Cool's Kiwatule show where Chameleone shared the same stage with Cool, now we know why.

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Bebe Cool and Chameleone have been involved in on and off competitivenesses and have often had a lot of disputes ... but they managed to reconcile, again, at Bebe's show -- which was one to remember.

Bebe Cool thought now that they had just buried the hatchet, something even better was to be done -- so he said to Jose Chameleone ... "I want to meet your dad, now that everything is fine, let's officially meet both our parents".

Chameleone's face changed ... he looked like he had just been stung by a bee, that's when he dropped the bomb.

"I do what? Take you to my dad? No way. That guy is friends with Pallaso. I don't like him for that" — Jose Chameleone

Some revelers were rather shocked by this -- supposed to hilarious -- statement ... considering Pallaso and Chameleone are blood brothers.

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